Get a Hospital Security Code

Each hospital needs a 16-digit security code to log into the Online Survey Tool

You can use the Security Code Request Form to request the security code for your hospital. In addition, the CEO can use the Security Code Request Form to delegate authority to a designated contact.

iconDownload the Hospital Security Code Request Form


Business coalitions on health across the country have joined Leapfrog as Regional Leaders. Employers and purchasers that are members of Regional Leaders use their collective leverage to request that all hospitals and ASCs participate in the Leapfrog Surveys. Survey Results provide them with the information they need to get better care for their employees.   

Find a Leapfrog Regional Leader in your area

General acute care hospitals and free-standing pediatric hospitals located in states without a Regional Leader are sent a formal request from The Leapfrog Group to complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. In addition, all hospitals nationwide, including critical access hospitals, can request a security code to complete the survey using the Security Code Request Form above.

Keep the 16-digit security code in a secure location. You will need it to log in, update, and resubmit your hospital’s Survey.

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